Despite an industry-wide tuition contraction, colleges had a great financial year last year. They took in more money from donors than ever before. And for the elite few, the boom years are booming big.

Inside Higher Ed reports on the 2013 figures for total donations to colleges in the US and Canada: $33.8 billion (the highest figure ever), including $9 billion from alumni, $10 billion from foundations, and more than $5 billion from corporations. And more than 17% of all that money went to just ten institutions:

1. Stanford University ($931.57 million)

2. Harvard University ($792.26 million)

3. University of Southern California ($674.51 million)

4. Columbia University ($646.66 million)

5. Johns Hopkins University ($518.57 million)

6. University of Pennsylvania ($506.61 million)

7. Cornell University ($474.96 million)

8. New York University ($449.34 million)

9. Yale University ($444.17 million)

10. Duke University ($423.66 million)

On one hand, a college degree earns people more money than ever before, so they should be happy to give back. On the other hand, there are much better charities to give to than your fucking college.

Especially if you're talking about fucking Duke.

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