Miguel Vallinas, a photographer based in Madrid, created a marvelous mix of fashion photography and animal close-ups, so that all wondrous creatures of the earth can wear the trendiest attire, and they wear it so much better than you. It's like an alternate universe with swans, gazelles, deers, and donkeys looking all elegant and judgey. Scroll down to gaze upon the most fashionable animals on the planet, starting with the distraught swan who realized that a turtleneck was a childish choice.

The bad-boy prep rooster is late for class, but it's fine, he'd rather just lounge on the green and pretend to read T.S. Eliot.

This emperor penguin is interning at Interview and she adores your bracelet.

This donkey lives for cigarette breaks and cashmere blends.

It's best to avoid confronting this steely-eyed doe until she's had her morning espresso and at least glanced at the FT.

The sophisticated green mallard can be quite a cad after his second Manhattan.

This flamingo wants to know are you fucking kidding me with those samples? Send them back.

This suede and shearling coat belonged to this creature's mother in the seventies. Hasn't it aged in a really chill way? If only if she could replace the buttons, but you know—can't be bothered.

Everyone knows that this roan antelope definitely had a character from Gossip Girl based on his older brother.

The grandmotherly peacock is disappointed you're late for tea, again.

You know when people talk about the impeccable layering? This fowl is what they're chatting about.

More of these sartorial creatures over at Fast Company and on Vallinas's website.

[Fast Co Create, images via Miguel Vallinas]