Remember the eruptive combination of Diet Coke and Mentos that everybody liked before it jumped the shark in a Weezer video? Here's a guy wearing it.

The team from popular Canadian dudes-yelling-about-food YouTube channel Epic Meal Time has covered a man in candy and dipped him into a vat of soda to promote the upcoming Epic Meal Empire TV show.

Eepybird's original Diet Coke and Mentos experiment was named "the most important commercial content" of 2006 by Advertising Age. But this is 2014, and it takes a little more to be "important" and "commercial" with your "content" these days: You have to #doitforthevine.

Sometimes, that means turning yourself into a human Mentos grenade and sliding right into the corrosive dunk tank we call The Future.

[H/T Eater]