Nine jurors in the Cecily McMillan case have reportedly written to the judge to ask for leniency in her sentencing. In the very short letter, obtained by the Guardian, the jurors write:

We the jury petition the court for leniency in the sentencing of Cecily McMillan. We would ask the court to consider probation with commuity service. We feel that the felony mark on Cecily's record is punishment enough for this case and that it serves no purpose to Cecily or to society to incarcerate her for any amount of time. We also ask that you factor in your deliberation process that this request is coming from 9 of the 12 member jury.

The letter was signed by one juror by name. The names of the other jurors who signed don't seem to be available.

In any event, it remains to be seen whether the letter will have any discernible effect on the judge, who was widely reported to be particularly unsympathetic to McMillan's plight. The hearing, at which McMillan could be sentenced for up to 7 years in prison, is set for May 19. In the meantime she is being held at Rikers, where today she met with former Russian political prisoners and Pussy Riot members Nadya Tolokonnikova and Maria Masha Alyokhina.

[Image via Sarah Lanyon.]