If nothing else, Insane Clown Posse fans are known for being pretty reasonable, willing to cut off their own nipples for $100 or burn off your tattoo for free. So it's no surprise that a group calling itself "The Juggalo Family" gave targeted North Portland businesses some options when they plastered them with flyers last week, writing, "Vacate or [REDACTED] our [REDACTED]."

Of course, any number of verbs and nouns could be hidden behind the careful edits seen above, but given ICP's body of work, "suck" and "dick" seem like leading candidates.

From KOIN 6:

[Hopworks Urban Brewery manager Spencer] Kollman said he came into work Thursday to find dozens of the same flier, which has been edited for graphic language, in the storefront.

"So I don't know what we did to make them angry or anybody else to make them angry," he said. "This is straight up vulgar."

One possible motive, floated by Redditors and alt weeklies alike, is the rapid gentrification of North Portland, a neighborhood home to many of the city's low-income families, Juggalo and otherwise.

UPDATE: As pointed out by reader fernetbronco, the Portland Nomad Juggalo Family released a statement via social media Tuesday denying any connection to the flyers:

To all you mother fucks who think me and my family are the ones doing that bull shit disgracing our Name, you are fucks and jump to conclusion, I'm gonna get those fucks disgracing our name and fuck em up Whoop Whoop

[Image via KOIN 6]