On Friday, a New York City judge ordered 54-year-old Kevin McGlynn to stay away from Rihanna's home after he was caught "lurking" around her Manhattan apartment. Judge Orlando Marrazzo then compared McGlynn to Mark David Chapman, John Lennon's killer. Eeek.

According to Reuters, Judge Marrazzo said McGlynn "wrote a series of notes to the singer that made references to murder and sexual assault. He also accused Rihanna and other artists of using his material in their songs." Marrazzo reasons that McGlynn is a "ticking time bomb who is wholly fixated on [Rihanna] and poses a direct threat of serious physical harm or death to her and anyone around her."

In September, McGlynn was found unfit to stand trial on stalking charges. He was committed to a psych hospital in Staten Island but later petitioned for release.

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