A judge in West Virginia repeatedly tried to frame the husband of his secretary for various crimes, after his secretary broke off an affair with the judge, according to a federal investigation.

The jilted lover, Mingo County Circuit Judge Michael Thornsbury, carried on a five-year campaign of misery against his secretary's husband. Thornsbury plotted to plant drugs in his rival's car, had a state trooper arrest him for fake theft charges, and then arrested him again for an incident of assault and battery that never happened.

"Judge Thornsbury set off on a campaign to persecute his secretary's husband, his romantic rival. In the process he corrupted the system of Justice in Mingo County for his own nefarious purposes," said U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin, in one of the cooler things a U.S. Attorney's have ever gotten to say.

Judge Thornsbury believes that the truth will set him free, telling CNN on Thursday that, "the truth will be told and I will be acquitted...cause I'm not guilty."

Thornsbury asked his secretary to leave her husband in 2008. When she refused, his vendetta began.