Earlier today, the Duggar family confirmed that Josh has been locked away in a “long-term treatment center,” ostensibly for his self-described porn and sex addiction. And the most likely candidate by far is the Christian-based, North Love Baptist Church-affiliated Reformers Unanimous recovery center. A place that’s little more than a glorified, bible-based labor camp.

Should this indeed be Josh’s home for the coming months, he just paid $7,500 to study the Bible and work for free for the next six months. Not at all unlike the time he spent at the facility that supposedly “cured” him of the perversions that caused him to molest five young girls in his teens.

But if you’ve got it, Reformers Unanimous can (presumably) fix it. Just in their introduction video alone, they offer testimonies of a number of cured demons, including: drug and alcohol addiction, prescription medication, post-rape depression, eating disorders, pornography addictions.

But according to Benjamin Burks, the program’s International Director, “We must approach all problems in our lives from a spiritual standpoint if we’re ever going to have recovery from relapse.”

But—surely he must mean as part of a larger, therapy-inclusive program monitored by trained psychologists, right?

Not quite. The housing application alone makes its lack of medically licensed credentials painfully clear.

You can read the RU housing application in full below, but it does offer some key insights into what could be a long six months for Josh. After all, his daily schedule consists of early mornings, an awful lot of “work,” and very little counseling of any sort.

Once we get to page seven, there is an exhaustive list of rules regarding the bible study program. Still no mention of any sort of individualized counseling or therapy, however.

The list goes on to remind you to keep all conversations in vehicles “Christ-like.” If you’re not sure what this could possibly mean, just read on.

Notable here, of course, is the fact that they’re actively encouraging its patients to turn their peers anytime they break one of the (many, many) rules, creating a sense of both distrust and the constant fear that you might get punished for missing someone else’s illicit behavior.

Regarding the “kitchen” rules: “Negative remarks about food will not be tolerated. Prayer and fasting are a profitable substitute.”

As for the 40 hours of work the residents will be doing each week:

Or, to put it more simply: Free labor.

It’s a good thing Josh is only struggling with porn and sex. Because if he had any sort drug or alcohol addiction (as a large number of its residents ostensibly do), this would be a highly dangerous environment to send someone going through detox.

But at least the application form addresses this:

And last but not least, here is where Josh would be staying:

The most troubling part in all this, though, is that what Josh would be doing during his six months away isn’t likely to contribute to the sort of addiction recovery he’s ostensibly looking for—just like the last time he entered this sort of program. Despite the apparent lack of results, his family continues to pay to send him to uncredentialed work facilities, with the hopes that maybe this time something will stick. The problem is—at least from what these forms tell us—is that the only thing Josh could possibly walk away with is a strengthened sense of self-loathing and a few more memorized bible verses.

As always, if you have any information about Josh or Reformers Unanimous, you can email us here.

Update 5:51 p.m.: Shane Nicholson at the Rock River Times has been able to confirm for us that Josh Duggar is indeed at Reformers Unanimous.

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