Jonathan Fleming, 51, was released from prison in April after serving 25 years for a 1989 murder he didn't commit. He's now seeking $162 million from New York City.

From the Associated Press:

That's according to a lawyer for Jonathan Fleming, who spent nearly 25 years behind bars in the case. Attorney Taylor Koss says he filed what's called a notice of claim Tuesday with the city comptroller's office. The notice is a first step toward suing the city.

Fleming was convicted for the murder of 22-year-old Darryl Rush. At the time of the murder, Fleming claimed to be at Disney World with his family. More than two decades later, evidence corroborating his abili was uncovered, leading to his release. From the New York Daily News:

Fleming's near-quarter century behind bars ended last week when a judge granted a motion by the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office to dismiss his charges.

Investigators, after launching a probe of the case last year, found two documents buried in Fleming's court file that proved his innocence.

One was a phone receipt from an Orlando hotel showing he was there just hours before the murder. The other was a local police report that quoted hotel staffers who remembered seeing him.

[Image via AP]