Jonathan Chait, you need a break.

I get it. Being the chief political columnist for one of the nation's most highly regarded magazines can be a stressful job. Your opinions are closely examined; your failures are highly visible. You are a target of trolls and haters. It's been a long week. And it's only Wednesday!

But look: Other people can't hurt you if you don't let yourself be hurt. At some point you need to tear yourself away from Twitter. It's a big world out there, and there's lots to enjoy that doesn't have anything to do with arguing with Glenn Greenwald. It can be fun to debate, but sometimes we lose sight of what's really important.

So we've bought you a gift certificate to SomaSpa, located at the Balance Gym in Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown neighborhood (you can read about the gym's vibe here). Start your day with a sauna session or steam before moving on to a massage, facial, or body treatment. Might we suggest the spa's "stone therapy massage"?

Feel the calming sensation of smooth, heated stones penetrating deep down into your muscles with this ancient massage treatment. The warmth of the basalt stones is used as a specialized tool by your massage therapist throughout your massage that will help to melt away deep-seated tension, knots and stress.

The gift certificate has already been emailed to you—we suggest you use it this weekend. Leave your phone in the locker and let your troubles melt away. It's on us.