On Wednesday night's show, Jon Stewart delved into the disastrous NFL response to the Ray Rice domestic violence case. His conclusion? You done fucked up, NFL.

Stewart criticized the court's decision to sentence Rice to counseling, but reserved most of his disdain for Roger Goodell and the NFL, which had suspended Rice for only two games before the elevator surveillance video inspired universal outrage.

Although Goodell has repeatedly denied seeing the footage released earlier this week, the AP reported Wednesday that the league, had in fact, received a copy in April.

Stewart took the opportunity to roundly mock Goodell's denials, joking, "You were never granted an opportunity? Really? The king of video never bestowed upon you the opportunity? For you are just a simple peasant boy commissioner, armed with only your wits, the clothes upon your back, and millions of dollars worth of the most high-powered team of lawyers in the history of man."

"You done fucked up," Stewart said Wednesday, citing the AP report. "You had the tape and you want us to believe that you did not look at it. Well I think we're all pretty aware of the NFL's obsessive-compulsive tape-watching addictions... So NFL, perhaps next time you attempt to bury the damaging information about your league's conduct, I guess we'll know to throw the red challenge flag."

[h/t Mediaite]