On last Monday's Daily Show, Jon Stewart rebutted the idea that the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Mo. was "an isolated incident" by listing off some of the many, many U.S. police shootings of unarmed black men in recent years. But one of those men, Dante Parker, wasn't actually shot by police.

As the San Bernardino County, Calif. district attorney explained, Parker was found to have died of a PCP overdose after cops tasered him. It was still a fatal incident involving police, but not a shooting, and Stewart apologized for the mistake on the air Monday.

But that was way too late to prevent shows like Fox & Friends from shifting the focus away from Stewart's many examples of systemic issues with policing and onto Stewart's one error. Stewart is mad that it happened, but he also accepts that he brought it on himself:

"Now, rather than having to have the uncomfortable conversation about a judicial system that may be biased, or a disturbing pattern of unarmed black men being shot by police, or a disturbing element of militarization and force that's crept into some aspects of law enforcement culture, my stupidity, my sloppiness—I did this to me!—can become an opportunity to negate that entire conversation."

Except for Brian Kilmeade's bullshit, trying to undermine Stewart's point by citing the number of NYPD officers killed since 2001 as if it's impossible to be upset about dead cops and dead unarmed black civilians at the same time. That wasn't Stewart's fault, and it earned Kilmeade a special Daily Show "fuck you":

"Fuck you, Brian. Seriously, fuck you. In fact, if I hadn't told you to fuck off, I would have had to apologize on tomorrow night's show for being factually incorrect."

[h/t HuffPo]