CNN's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week was great news for Jon Stewart.

The Daily Show host bookended the last seven days with two segments recapping just how miserable things have gotten at the 24-hour news network.

On last night's show, Stewart did acknowledge that CNN's coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing had improved since its now-infamous fuck-up, noting that the network's subsequently extra-slow reporting is "a much more responsible way of broadcasting than your usual say it first and have Anderson Cooper correct it later."

That's not to say CNN should be submitting its bombing correspondents' names for any Peabody Awards just yet.

Stewart takes both reporters Deborah Feyerick and Susan Candiotti to task for their poor or malapropos reportage, explaining to Candiotti, for example, that saying "it’s as though a bomb had dropped somewhere" while describing Boston during the lockdown is "not so much a metaphor as, what actually happened."

If CNN ever wants Stewart to stop having fun at its expense, it should probably stop giving him so much material to work with.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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[video via The Daily Show]