The University of Arizona's Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter was suspended this week for violating alcohol restrictions and allegedly hazing pledges. The frat hasn't managed to stay out of trouble since last year, when Jackass star Johnny Knoxville accused SAE of slipping him ecstasy during a Bad Grandpa screening. Now Knoxville feels bad they got suspended.

His tweet probably won't help matters, however—assistant dean of students Johanne Ives sounded fed up with SAE in an interview with the school paper earlier this week. "Sometimes, if an organization has a judicial history that is pretty lengthy, the institution may feel like we've run out of options in terms of educational sanctions or punitive sanctions," Ives explained.

SAE is suspended pending an investigation into "allegations that members provided alcohol to minors and hazed new members between Aug. 20 and Sept. 20," according to AZ Central. Knoxville didn't comment on these new allegations.

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