When pilot Doug Gotterba spilled the tea on his alleged six-year affair with alleged man who sleeps with men John Travolta to the National Enquirer in 2012, Travolta's camp slapped him with a cease and desist. That's about as revealing as Travolta himself walking right up to Gotterba, slapping him on the face with a lavender glove, and hissing, "Now hush, D'Artagnan."

Regardless, Travolta's reps claimed that as an employee of Travolta's airline company, Alto, Gotterba had signed a confidentiality agreement. Gotterba counters that the agreement produced by Travolta's camp is "not authentic" and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, "it is merely an early draft of another three-page agreement that didn't contain the confidentiality clause."

On Tuesday, Gotterba was granted the opportunity "to argue in a lawsuit that he holds no confidentiality duties to the actor" by an appeals court. Gotterba reportedly has his sights set on writing a book to "tell the story of his life and those involved in it." The details he has shared so far include describing Travolta's sex-making as "gentle but very passionate," Travolta's jealousy as irrational (" He'd disappear into my bedroom and go through my drawers. He always tried to catch me cheating on him."), and Travolta's homosexuality as perpetual ("I blurted out, 'So, John, tell me. Now that you're married, do you still prefer men – or women?'"..."Well, Doug, I still prefer men," Travolta allegedly replied).

Travolta's people called the National Enquirer story "ridiculous" and a retread. Remember how in 2012, everyone and his uncle was claiming to have had man-on-man relations with Travolta? What a great time that was.

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