Last Week Tonight won't officially return until Feb. 8, but John Oliver keeps popping up to make delightful videos about how dumb and terrible the holidays are. On the chopping block this week: New Year's Eve, a.k.a The Worst.

"New Year's Eve is like the death of a pet. You know it's going to happen, but somehow you're never prepared for how truly awful it is," Oliver says, and he's got a good point. No one wants to leave the house when it's cold out just to get stuck at a party that you can't leave until midnight at the earliest.

And someone out there must like Ryan Seacrest—who New Year's Eve forces us to tolerate for a minimum of 5 awful seconds per year—but go around the room and try to figure out who it is. No one will own up to it.

Take Oliver's advice. Just find an excuse and get out before you regret it.

[Last Week Tonight]