You'd think that the U.S. military's collection of potentially world-ending intercontinental ballistic missiles would be protected with an appropriately serious level of security, but, as John Oliver pointed out on Last Week Tonight Sunday, we haven't exactly had our top men on the job.

Over the past year, one Air Force Major General was relieved of his command because he got drunk on a trip to Russia and tried to play guitar with a Beatles cover band (#nottheonion), and a U.S. Navy Vice Admiral lost his job after he was caught using fake poker chips at an Iowa casino.

And they weren't the only weak links in America's nuclear chain of command. Oliver also found stories of outdated equipment, dilapidated infrastructure, and literal sleeping on the job at missile bases in Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

As Oliver puts it, "If humanity is going to be destroyed by a nuclear weapon, let's make sure it's at least intentional."

[H/T TastefullyOff]