There are lots of scary things about Halloween: Ghosts (human), ghosts (animal), zombies (real), and throngs of college students (drunk). But, as John Oliver points out, perhaps the most terrifying is the $2 billion worth of candy (plus some Necco wafers) that Americans will consume in celebration of the holiday.

And that's just one spike in our already immense year-round sugar consumption. The average American eats 75 pounds of the stuff annually, largely because it's in everything. Even Clamato isn't safe. (And it's not like it takes that much to affect your health.)

Also, Oliver finds it just a little weird that most independent studies confirm a link between sugar and obesity, while the ones paid for by, for example, the Corn Refiners' Association, don't reach the same conclusion. It's almost like they don't want you to know something.

But even if you realize it's not good for you, it's difficult to know how much excess sugar you're eating. Almost every facet of the food industry is fighting against an FDA proposal to put an "added sugar" line on all nutritional information labels.

Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone! Good luck avoiding the poisonous specter of sugar making you fat and ill!

[h/t Last Week Tonight]