On Sunday's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver devoted his "How Is This Still a Thing?" segment to the timely topic of Daylight Saving Time, which is ruining your morning as we speak. At least it will help you later, right? Nope, not really! How is this still a thing?

Although many people blame farmers, it doesn't benefit them. It was actually introduced in Germany to save fuel during World War I, but thanks to the advancement of technology and the vagaries of modern energy consumption, it doesn't do that, either. It actually just leads to slightly increased energy usage and more car accidents and work-related injuries.

For a more thorough, less humorous takedown of Daylight Saving, please refer to the perennial Gizmodo screed on the subject. (The most disturbing Fun Fact! that Oliver left out: Daylight Saving may also increase suicide rates. Cool.)

Seriously, how is this still a thing? I'm so tired.

[h/t Last Week Tonight]