Payday loan companies screw customers with annual interest rates as high as 1900%, and base their entire business model on the fact that desperate debtors will never be able to pay them back. On the latest Last Week Tonight, John Oliver explained all the ways they're fucking you, in uncomfortable detail.

Oliver dug up a diagram of the process from one company's training manual, and it's literally a circle, building in the expectation that customers can't escape the cycle of taking out more loans.

And that's when these places are following the law. It only gets worse when you factor in swindling servicemembers, exploiting Indian tribes, and lobbying to kill any legislation that would shut them down.

If you had any hope that legislators or judges could whack these moles, just wait until you hear what happened in Ohio.

When humanity is finally wiped out in a nuclear armageddon, the only things left will be cockroaches and payday loan places. And the cockroaches will never get out of debt.

[H/T Last Week Tonight]