Net neutrality sounds boring, but it's the only thing standing between us and an internet where cable companies dictate which content goes in the "fast lane" (their own) and which will be delivered very, very slowly (Netflix). On the latest Last Week Tonight, John Oliver broke down all the ways major cable companies intend to fuck you, the consumer.

You're already aware that Comcast doesn't give a fuck about you, but did you know it also spends more on lobbying than any company other than defense contractor Northrop Grumman? And that the cable industry's biggest lobbyist is now the head of the FCC, the agency that could prevent a two-tiered internet from happening?

And get a load of that graph showing how Comcast blatantly slowed down Netflix speeds for its customers until Netflix agreed to pay up. Putting these guys in charge of an "internet fast lane" seems like an equitable, reasonable play that can only end well for all internet users.

If this pisses you off as much as it pisses off John Oliver—and it should—you can voice your displeasure on the FCC's website, where the debate on "protecting and promoting the open internet" is now open for public comment.