After Bud Light canned its ill-conceived new ad campaign glorifying sexual assault, all that was left for Last Week Tonight to do was to join the pile-on of burns on the disgusting beer’s foul taste, with John Oliver sneaking in a Floyd Mayweather own.

After cutting from a clip in which a woman describes Bud Light’s tagline—”The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night”—as “rapey,” Oliver goes in on Mayweather.

“That’s true, but it would be great if you could use a slightly more serious word than ‘rapey’,” he says. “It’s somewhat diminishing. It’s like saying Floyd Mayweather is a smidge assaulty. It’s technically correct but it’d be more appropriate to say he’s a woman-battering, human landfill. That’d be more on the money.”

Then comes a barrage of Bud Light taste takedowns. A sampling:

  • Bud Light tastes like a beer that someone already threw up.
  • It’s like a liquid John Mayer song.
  • It tastes like the flat soda a homeless guy uses to rinse off birds.
  • Beer that tastes like water strained from gutter full of dog’s teeth.


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