GOP senator and former presidential candidate John McCain unveiled his rendition of The Robot during a performance by The Roots and Jamie Foxx in the most awkward meeting of Republicans and hip-hop since MC Karl Rove.

McCain's stiff moves are understandable, though, considering he's 77 years old and has difficultly raising his arms as a result of wartime torture. New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who preceded McCain onstage at the Hamptons benefit for Harlem's legendary Apollo theater, doesn't have the same alibi:

The Wall Street Journal's account of Christie's dance might be even more painful than the video:

"Now, 5, 6, 7, 8, go, go, go, go," shouted Mr. Foxx, and stepped out of the way for Mr. Christie to engage in a little "Single Ladies" action. But misunderstanding, Mr. Christie left the stage in Mr. Perelman's party barn and went back to his seat, much to Mr. Foxx's chagrin.

"I didn't mean 'Go,' " Mr. Foxx said. "I meant, 'Do your solo.' "

McCain, on the other hand, was totally game.

"I looked down at McCain and he was like, 'I can do this,'" Foxx told the Journal, "It's the ones you don't expect. It's the Republicans. Republicans love to dance in the Hamptons."