John Kasich, a man whose passion for deli food is matched only by the desperation of his wild clawing at an office that is by no means within his reach, has a lot of thoughts on what women should and shouldn’t do at a party.

In an interview on Sunday with CNN’s Dana Bash, the Republican presidential candidate addressed comments he’d made about sexual assault on college campuses, telling a young woman that his best advice was “don’t go to parties where there’s lots of alcohol.” After an understandably horrified reaction, Kasich defended the comments, without understand why there was a problem:

“It’s just, you have to be careful. When alcohol is involved, it becomes more difficult for justice to be rendered, for a whole variety of reasons. But we can still find the perpetrator.”

Here’s the video of his earlier comments, which he said at a rally in Watertown, New York, on Friday.

A vote for Kasich, it is clear, is a vote for beer-free parties, something that I, for one, cannot endorse.