Late Wednesday night, Felicity star Keri Russell's Brooklyn brownstone was broken into while the actress was home alone, sleeping. Russell was unharmed, but the thieves made off with her laptop, some jewelry, and a fancy Filson bag. Scary!

Thankfully, NYC's finest apprehended the burglars—a middle-aged man and his teenage nephew—just two hours later, after they broke into another nearby apartment.

"Everything's OK is all I want to say — and the police were so great," Russell told the New York Daily News Thursday morning. "They were so fast. They were so great."

Great job NYPD, everyone!

If only there'd been someone who predicted this horrendous crime wave that's followed Bill de Blasio's election...

"See, I told you guys this was going to happen," failed New York mayoral candidate Joe Lhota told reporters as he walked past the crime scene, which is near his home, and asked what happened.

We should've listened.

[Image via AP]