The third and final mayoral debate took place Wednesday and, like the first and second debate, nothing really happened. At least nothing notable enough to damage Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio’s 39-point lead in the polls.

As usual, Republican candidate Joe Lhota defended the use of “Stop, Question and Frisk,” and Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio countered with a push for meaningful “Stop-and-Frisk” reform. Then Lhota was all “I love charter schools,” and de Blasio was all “let’s fix non-charter schools,” and then they were both like “fuck Barney’s for racial profiling.” They also agreed homelessness was a problem (a “Kumbaya moment,” if you speak de Blasio), and then Lhota called his opponent’s ideas naïve and said “the streets will be unsafe” if de Blasio wins. De Blasio smiled at this because he's that kind of guy, and Lhota rolled his eyes because he's that kind of guy. Like I said, same old same old.

Until the “Lightning Round,” that is. Then shit got real. Both opponents were asked the following questions:

  • What household income rates do you consider middle class in New York City to be?
  • What does your family spend on groceries each month?
  • What is your monthly mortgage?
  • Should smoking be banned on city sidewalks?
  • Have you ever let your children drink alcohol underage?
  • Have you ever used an illegal drug other than marijuana?
  • If you could get one musical performer to appear at your inauguration, who would it be?

Guess how they answered? Even more fun, answer the questions yourself and then watch and compare your answers to theirs. Then vote Tuesday for the candidate whose answers most closely match yours.

[There was a video here]

Answer key (de Blasio’s answers first):

  1. Over $50k-60k, $75k
  2. “In that range,” $400-450
  3. $3300, all paid off
  4. “On all sidewalks? It should be banned where people congregate,” No
  5. “A small amount” (with a smiley face), No (with a Lhota face)
  6. No, No
  7. Bruce Springsteen, The Allman Brothers

[Screenshot via NBC4 New York]