Everybody hates the guy on Amtrak who talks too loudly—I assume, because I’ve never ridden Amtrak, but it seems like something people complain about. But what if that guy is a close advisor of a potential presidential candidate and is spilling need-to-know-info all over the so-called “café car?”

That is, according to the National Review, exactly what happened on an Amtrak ride from New York to Wilmington, Delaware yesterday. Per a source (or more than one? It’s not quite clear) who spoke to America’s premier home of classy racism, Josh Alcorn—a fundraiser for the “Draft Biden” super PAC and longtime confidant of Biden’s late son Beau—was overheard saying that he is “100 percent that Joe is in the race”:

Another passenger said that Alcorn was being loud enough in the café car to make it hard to work. He said that Alcorn had said on one call, “I am 100 percent that Joe is in.” He was less certain of when Biden would announce, but guessed it would be in mid-October.

The source (a person sitting in the café car who is probably friends with Ramesh Ponnuru) also said that Alcon was reporting that “that test ads were doing well in converting Hillary Clinton supporters to Biden supporters, and that money had been lined up to come in right before the announcement.”

Of course, a guy whose job it is to raise money for a super PAC dedicated to convincing Joe Biden to run for president (ensuring the continued employment of people who wish to work for a Joe Biden presidential campaign) would have several million reasons to convince rich people that Biden is definitely going to run for president, even if he might be stretching the truth.

Biden, for his part, did not tell Stephen Colbert that he’s running for president, though he also did not say that he isn’t. The first Democratic debate is on October 13, and only time will tell if you’ll be forced to learn anything about Martin O’Malley.

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