Joan Rivers was on last night's Late Show with David Letterman, because The Great Joan Rivers Moment-Having of 2014 is not yet over. Letterman challenged her with questions that in other circumstances she might deem "negative," but she answered his with humor and whatever the Rivers equivalent of grace is, as she already has a punching bag in the form of CNN's Fredericka Whitfield, whom she now infamously jilted during a recent interview.

Letterman asked Rivers what her CNN interviewer's name was and Rivers said, "I don't know." She characterized Whitfield's less-than-softball questions regarding her meanness and consistency as "very judgmental, very nasty, very opinionated...negative. It was like my wedding night." When Letterman suggested that Rivers could have chewed up Whitfield and spit her out instead of walking off, Rivers said, "You don't want to hurt her, she's a nice girl." A few seconds later, she said that Whitfield "had hemorrhoids behind her ears, I mean, she's been pulled," apparently taking exception to Whitfield's claim that he hadn't had any work done. That portion of the CNN interview wasn't included in the clip that widely circulated.

Rivers and Letterman eventually did a bit where he turned the tables on her and "walked off," during their interview. Isn't it ironic?

Fredericka Whitfield did Joan Rivers a grave injustice by asking her logical questions, and logical questions are negative, but Joan Rivers isn't mean (she made jokes about the Olsen twins having eating disorders and the Kardashians having a lot of body hair during the Letterman interview), that's Joan Rivers' story and she's sticking to it. Give 'em hell, Joan. Not because they deserve it, but because you can.

On CNN today, Whitfield said she was "surprised" by Rivers' behavior, and she denied having Botox, saying the accusation is "the best compliment I could get." She seems nice, not mean (like Joan Rivers).

[There was a video here]