Remember back in 2010 when 33 Chilean miners spent 69 days trapped just a few yards above Hell in a caved-in desert mine, sacrificing their health and sanity so that the world might have hilarious topical Halloween costumes? What's the first thing you think of when you think of that incident? JLo? That's the first thing JLo thinks of too.

The Hollywood Reporter has just confirmed that Jennifer Lopez will star alongside Antonio Banderas in an upcoming dramatic adaptation of the miners' ordeal, titled The 33. The film will be produced by Black Swan producer Mike Medavoy.

Banderas will star as miner Mario Sepulveda, nicknamed "Super Mario" for his energetic demeanor in video journals the men sent to the surface to let everyone know they were alive and still capable of generating unique, marketable content. There's no word yet on JLo's role. Maybe she'll get a stylish bob haircut and play one of the miners. Maybe she'll rim her eyes with the blackest kohl and play the mine. Maybe she thought it was a movie about some "Chilean minors," and as she separated her hair into two thick pigtails, and contorted her face in the mirror so that the faint parentheses around her lips went taut, she mumbled confidently, "I can still play 17, right?"

Last time the world checked in on the miners, most of them weren't doing so hot, though they were excited about this movie. That was back in 2011, before JLo had even committed. Imagine how excited they are now.

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