When a video of Dennis Quaid exploding in anger at "dopey the dick" and a bunch of "pussies" on a TV set surfaced yesterday, many immediately suspected Jimmy Kimmel was involved. The theory makes sense—Quaid's rant arrived shortly after his brother's bizarre sex tapes , making him the perfect candidate to stage something like this, and it sounds a lot like the infamous temper tantrum Christian Bale threw at a director of photography years ago.

Whenever a video seems perfectly calculated to spread on the internet, suspicion immediately falls to Kimmel. This time, though, the late night host says it wasn't him.

"I have to say, it's disappointing. You play 50 pranks and suddenly people don't trust you anymore."

It's been more than a year since Kimmel's reputation-making "worst twerk fail ever" hoax , but the fear of getting fooled again lingers on. When was the last time one of these videos actually turned out to be a Kimmel stunt? Can we just agree that "Kimmel did it" is a dead, played-out meme?

Or is that what he wants us to think, so he can finally strike again when we least suspect it? Jimmy's got the viewing public in a no-win scenario here.

Incidentally, Quaid does have a short history of TV pranks , but they all been with Ellen.

UPDATE: The pranksters have revealed themselves. Congratulations to Funny or Die on a stunt so lame that people blamed it on Jimmy Kimmel.

[h/t Barstool]