Only 33.3 million people watched the State of the Union Address on Tuesday — slightly better numbers than the series finale of "Everybody Loves Raymond" — but Jimmy Kimmel found a bunch of people who were happy to pretend they tuned in.

Kimmel recently added a political chapter to his recurring "Lie Witness News" segment, sending a crew out on Monday — the day before Obama's speech — to ask strangers how they thought the president did.

Predictably, everyone involved lied their asses off — with varying success. Obama did not in fact fake a heart attack and bring in a defibrillator, nor did he wear a weird tie, or implement product placement into his speech.

And some of the made up analysis did actually occur — Obama did indeed lay out "a lot of the same policies he's been laying out all along," he was indeed "addressing what everyone was talking about."

But no one could have predicted this: