Jimmy Kimmel, the bro community's leading social scientist, continued his ongoing project of fucking with strangers on Hollywood Boulevard this week. But instead of using his favorite bait (blatant lies), this time he tried to lure them in with free leftover sushi.

To no one's surprise, it only lasted 9 minutes on one of America's busiest, weirdest sidewalks. But that's 8 and a half minutes longer than it took someone to high five a guy with a horrendously loud hacking cough.

First Kimmel ruins twerking, and now we can't even trust sidewalk sushi or sickly strangers? What's left to count on in anymore in this crazy world? Is anything real? Mirrors? Our eyes? Anything?

Free health advice: Don't leave the house until spring. Or maybe ever. In fact, just don't touch or eat anything, because it's probably a Jimmy Kimmel prank.

[h/t Gossip Cop]