Between permanently kidnapping The Roots and producing the god damn endless popular cover song medleys that every god damn asshole wants to share with you on Facebook, you might have thought that mop-headed giggler Jimmy Fallon's show had reached Peak Irksomeness. Wrong!

Coming soon to Smirky's Late Night Jam Session: live ads for Lexus, from an improv troupe, via suggestions from Twitter. It's a real hip hop-style mashup, of annoying things! From the New York Times:

During an early commercial break in the “Late Night” episode, viewers will be asked to propose ad concepts through social media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, using the hashtag #LexusIS. (The live spots are intended to help Lexus introduce the 2014 IS model.)

Then, during the last commercial break of the episode, members of one of four improv troupes — Fun Young Guys, Magnet Theater Touring Company, MB’s Dream and Stone Cold Fox — will perform a spot based on or inspired by the audience’s submissions.

Car ads! Hashtags! Improv! And Jimmy Fallon! If you could just toss in allergies, crying babies, and a shouting preacher on the subway during morning rush hour, this could be the single most vexatious creation in entertainment history.

Hashtag looking forward to it!

[Photo: AP]