So yesterday, stand-up-comedian-slash-fat-dad Jim Gaffigan decided to make what he thought was a mostly harmless joke about women and their nails.

"Ladies I hope getting your nails done feels good because not a single man notices you got them done," Gaffigan tweeted to his 1.6 million followers.

Ha! Women be getting their nails done, am I right fellas?

Anyway, commence TOTAL MELTDOWN:

"If you think I make my nails pretty for anyone other than myself, you are a fool," replied @gesa. "or maybe some women do things not to impress other people," offered @oceana_roll. "you're such an asshole," @phaserstostun put it bluntly.

Even Chad Ochocinco Johnson weighed in on the scandal, calling Gaffigan's remark "blasphemy."

And the tweets kept coming. Dozens every minute.

"If you think people are overreacting to my edgy 'nails done' post here," Gaffigan followed up a short while ago, "you have to see the anger on my Tumblr."

And sure enough, since the joke was posted there yesterday, it has racked up over 100,000 notes, most of them far less subtle than those being made on Twitter.

"Nobody gives a fuck about you noticing their nails, Jim Gaffigan," exclaimed popular outrage-du-jour Tumblr STFU, Conservatives.

Added the ironically named Tumblr Not A Talker, "so many things implied about femininity, women, masculinity, men, non-binary persons, heteronormativity, beauty standards, commodification, etc. in so few characters. it’s impressive, really."

For his part, Gaffigan did issue a worrying apology, telling those who were offended by his "edgy 'nails done' joke' that he's sorry and he'll "attempt to be more sensitive in the future."

Let's hope he's just joking.

[screengrab via Twitter]