[There was a video here]

At Sunday's American Horror Story: Freak Show premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, Lea Michele's eyes lit up like a piddling puppy as Jessica Lange walked in her direction. An old friend to say hello to, and perhaps be photographed with. So fun! And then, as Lange strode by without any acknowledgement, Michele turned into sad puppy who couldn't quite express her sadness because hundreds of pictures per second were being taken of her at this public event. So that was awkward.

Here is the moment in gif form:

And here is the source video, in which Michele's world of steady posing with the slightest of variations is shattered by a person who has no time for it.

That YouTube account, MaximoTV is full of people posing on red carpets giving their best slight variations of existence. It's kind of mesmerizing in the way that watching hamster run their wheels is mesmerizing.