The writers of Jeopardy are good at a very certain thing, which is researching and writing a series of questions that tests both the depth and breadth of your knowledge. They are also bad at a very certain thing, which is making up names for fake rappers.

Last night's episode opened with a category called "Not a Successful Rap Musician," which asked the contestants to pick which rapper name out of a group of three was clearly made up by the show's writers. Below are all five of the category's answers—just to be clear, this happened on the real Jeopardy for adults who have trained for hours upon hours to appear on this illustrious game show, and not the Jeopardy for awkward suck-up teenagers.

This is legitimately one of the most embarrassing things I've ever seen on television. Below is full video of the category in case you're itching to hear Alex Trebek say the words "Boogaloo B" (or Lil Scrappy).

[There was a video here]