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"Actually, I'm sober," are three words that came out of Jenna Jameson's mouth yesterday after her disastrous, reportedly truncated Good Day New York appearance. She said that during her guest spot on Sirius XM's After O&A Live, claiming that she's been sober for seven years (besides beer). The trainwreck-cum-book tour continues.

While still apparently disoriented and slurry, Jameson was a different kind of mess on After O&A—she cried a lot while discussing her custody battle with ex Tito Ortiz. She said she hasn't seen her kids in months and has to fork over $400 every time she does for a supervised visit. "I hope he gets sober," she said of Ortiz.

Before the interview, she had to be roused from her slumber. And though she started crying within minutes of entering the studio, she assured her hosts, "I’m always sexy, even if I’m sad." Well, at least she's retained her confidence. Clips are above; the full interview is below.

Update: TMZ has posted footage of a lucid Jameson from earlier today telling a paparazzo that her Good Day New York appearance wasn't cut short, and that she was just "exhausted."

Update 2: Here's a Fox 411 interview that was also filmed yesterday. Spoiler alert: mess.

Update 3: Here's video of the Sirius XM interview: