America's favorite tipsy Bush twin Jenna Bush Hager went on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live last night and was predictably great (sorry Barb). When asked if she ever fooled around in the White House, Jen admitted she engaged in some "hanky panky" on the roof when she was 19.

Ol' Anheuser Bush was hesitant to give details at first because her husband was in the audience—"Listen, a lady never talks"—but eventually she copped to "a little hanky panky." "Maybe there was a little kiss on the roof," she said.

When asked if she ever got it on in the Lincoln bedroom, she said no, but "maybe I missed an opportunity there."

In addition to reminiscing about her crazy old days, Jenna defended Sasha and Malia Obama from recent criticism without mentioning the name the GOP aide who criticized them.

She said:

I'm fiercely protective of them, obviously. It's not easy, and it's not a job that they wanted. And so it's hard! I mean I, obviously, heh, had a hard time. But it's also a privilege. So I mean...they've done an incredible job.

Heh. Jenna is the only Bush who should be allowed back in the White House.