There are 14.7 million registered Hispanic voters in the United States—but only one of them is the WASP scion one of our country's foremost conservative dynasties. Yes: John Ellis "Jeb" Bush, the Connecticut-bred president's son and president's brother (and distant relative to the actual British monarchy) is—according to his voter registration form—Hispanic.

The New York Times obtained the 2009 voter application in which the potential presidential candidate inexplicably confused himself with the demographic he'd likely be counting on in the 2016 election. Inexplicably even for his own spokeswoman, who "could offer no explanation for the characterization."

This might have just been an accident—or, as Jeb might say, un accidente. His wife Columba, after all, was born in Mexico, and he himself speaks fluent Spanish.

Then again, he has absolutely no Hispanic ancestry. ¡Que vergüenza!

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