The holiday season is a time to take a break from life’s dreary annoyances, so you can spend it with the people that you actually love and enjoy. Which is to say, the holiday season is not a time for Jeb. Jeb knows this. And he’s willing to leave you alone, too—for one low, easy payment of $25.

Earlier today, Jeb gave his email list the gift of extortion by promising to stop contacting them for the rest of the year for just a little bit of cash.

As a recipient of Jeb’s emails, I can say with full authority that all things considered, this really isn’t a bad deal.

If you want the ever-downward spiraling candidate to leave you alone, even if just for a little bit, you have about 34 hours to take the deal before it’s gone forever. At which point, Jeb will, as always, remain.

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