It’s a big night for firsts—mostly in terms of Ben Carson’s little pre-show nap. But now, Jeb just got what might have been his very first Trump own of the election.

In answering a question about eminent domain, Trump started bullshitting his way through when Jeb cut in with “How tough is it to take property from an elderly woman?” Trump, likely frustrated both by Jeb and the fact that he was being forced to respond to a genuine criticism, barked “let me talk” before literally putting his finger to his lips and shushing Jeb like a child.

[There was a video here]

The audience—which has been particularly rowdy this evening—booed the hell out of Trump for the infantilizing move. Trump responded to the universal disgust directed at him by saying, “That’s all of his donors and special interests out there.” The audience booed some more, and so Trump, of course, doubled down on accusing the audience of being all donors: “The reason they’re not loving is that I don’t want their money.”

The crowd booed some more. The moderator tried to cut in. And Jeb—poor, forgotten Jeb—was positively glowing.

Looks like Barb’s been toughening her boy up.

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