Jeb Bush’s Super PAC, Right to Rise, premiered a new campaign ad this week denouncing Donald Trump and touting America’s bright new future. What a commercial, what a country—if there were a voting booth on my desk, I’d pull the lever right now. Only one problem: Jeb Bush’s “America” is really comprised of about $100 worth of B-roll, shot in Asia and the UK.

Is Bush’s Super PAC really so cynical it doesn’t even check to see if its commercial was shot in the right country? Yes, apparently. The breakdown, via The Politico:

The only problem: The sun is rising over a field in Cornwall, England — a clip available for between $19 and $79 on Shutterstock.

The video also shows a clip of the silhouette of a construction worker with text on the screen that says “America is great” — stock footage that was taken from “a multiple story building in Southeast Asia,” according to the website Pond5. The HD version of the clip costs $35.

And the kids heading off to school? You can download them from iStock with a subscription. According to iStock, the clip was shot by a firm called MonkeyBusiness, based out of the United Kingdom.

It’s almost like these presidential campaigns are little more than elaborate marketing rollouts concerned with “optics” rather than “issues”... But who cares, I guess—not Jeb Bush’s Super PAC.

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