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It’s been a long 67 days since we last heard from Sad Jeb. And considering his sodium-addled state, we were starting to get worried. But fear not. Noted scion Jeb Bush is still here, and he’s (probably) fine(-ish). Also, he’s not voting for President.

Allow Jeb’s Facebook to explain.

Sad Jeb is voting in all his local and state elections but snubbing the general. Will this change anyone’s mind? And is anyone even going to care? The answer to both is almost certainly not.

Most of the comments responding to the post expressed annoyance, while some merely took the opportunity to pour salt in Jeb’s still fresh, always gaping wounds.

What I am forced to assume is a fake account made by Jeb’s mom had some nice things to say, though.

On an unrelated note, happy Mother’s Day, Barbara!