Just one day after Time announced his appointment as Jeb Bush's Chief Technology Officer, Hipster.com co-founder Ethan Czahor resigned from the position over ugly comments about "sluts" and black parents.

Today, a Bush spokesperson announced that the technologically-impaired tech chief had stepped down, saying Czahor's dumb words were "regrettable and insensitive" and "do not reflect the views of Governor Bush."

Presumably, that means the former governor does not believe that "female art majors are sluts" or that gay guys don't burp, as Czahor asserted in a series of bad tweets he raced to delete yesterday.

However, it seems that what ultimately sealed Czahor's fate was a 2008 blog post uncovered by The Huffington Post. In it, Czahor praises Martin Luther King, Jr. for not sagging his pants and says "black parents need to get their sh@# together."

Tuesday evening, Czahor followed up his non-apology from yesterday with some parting advice for other bigoted tech bros interested in politics: Hang in there!

[Images via Getty Images/Twitter/Buzzfeed]