How is the Jeb Bush comeback going? Well, his new slogan uncomfortably resembles one used by England’s most notorious monster. No one wants to vote for him. He apologized to the French. And today, Jeb just unloaded a lot of dark stuff on some unsuspecting middle schoolers.

At an education reform campaign event in New Hampshire earlier today, Jeb Bush seemed to start out hopeful. Perhaps because he found a group of deeply insecure, emotionally stunted adolescents to be, somehow, relatable, Jeb urged the kids to hit him up when they got home:

It’s a good thing Jeb found so many new friends, because, according to him, he is on the verge of a breakdown. The questions started out innocuous enough...

Something someone asked apparently led to Jeb suddenly finding himself back in his deep, dark, unhappy place.

But don’t worry. Jeb’s fine! He’s doing fine. He’s great.

Just, please, send him an email.

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