For presidential primogeniture artist John Ellis “Jeb” Bush, distancing himself from the family name is only half the battle: He must appear to embrace the youngs as tightly as Napoleon appeared to embraced the plague-stricken poor. Fortunately, his website coders had a plan. The youngs love Bruce Willis, right?

The New York Times reported on this ingenious, short-lived scheme Monday night:

For an hour or so this afternoon, buried in the source code of Jeb Bush’s website were several paragraphs summarizing the plot of the “Die Hard” movie franchise.

Besides spoiling the “Die Hard” movies for people who haven’t seen them, the inclusion of the scripting files — something of a joke among the campaign’s programmers — does nothing to compromise the function of Mr. Bush’s website.

Far from it: It makes the site cooler. Bush’s staff can plagiarize from Wikipedia entries just as well as Rand Paul’s staff can!

Besides, coding easter eggs are so hot right now (or, like, all the time). As the Times points out, Hillary’s done it, and so has Rand:

It’s no ASCII Goatse, but hey, maybe Bernie Sanders or Marty O’Malley will be looking for an edge.

[Photo credit: Jeremy Bowers]

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