A JCPenney billboard promoting an exclusive Michael Graves-designed tea kettle has been turning the heads of motorists driving along the 405 near Culver City.

Not so much for the teapot's "cool-touch handle" or its "space-saving design" but for its uncanny resemblance to Adolf Hitler.

The odd coincidence was first noticed by Reddit, where users were quick to wonder if this was truly just an odd coincidence.

"There's no way that wasn't done on purpose!" exclaimed Redditor mattaukamp. "Well, look at us - we're all looking at and sharing a picture of an advertisement," responded Redditor LevTolstoy. "If it was done on purpose to get people's attention, but keep the ability to deny doing it on purpose, it's brilliant."

The department store chain has so far remained mum.

Meanwhile, Charles Krafft's "Hitler Teapot" is wondering what all the fuss is about.

[photos via Getty, Reddit]