Jay Leno's response to a question about what he thinks about alleged rapist Bill Cosby wasn't direct, but it did make people laugh!

Just a few moments after declaring, "Comedy cuts through all the bullshit," Leno got his humor distractor out at a television executive award dinner while ostensibly answering a question about his take on Bill Cosby.

Leno: I always go back to the Rodney King incident. Rodney King was the first time we got news unfiltered... I think this whole Cosby thing—Hannibal Burress, it started with him. Stand-up comedian, he made a flat-out statement that reverberated around the world. If that was on TV, it would have been edited. If it had been on any other medium, it would have been edited. But because somebody just filmed it and put it out there, you're getting your news raw and unfiltered, which I think is fantastic.

Tom Papa: Yeah. Crazy. Do you, uh. [Pause] Do you watch that Cosby thing—and—just think, sad? [Laughs nervously] Or do you think... what's your take on that? [Pause] I mean this was a guy that was... [Trails off]

Leno: I don't know why it's so hard to believe women. I mean, you go to Saudi Arabia and you need two women to testify against a man. Here you need 25!

Tom Papa: [Laughs uproariously] Alright, we're out on that! Thank you guys so much, a big round of applause for Jay! So great Jay!

Leno, who said absolutely nothing at all about Cosby, is currently being celebrated for "candidly" "blasting" Cosby. All in a day's work, if you weren't working at all.

[image via AP]