Police say a Japanese man stole nearly $200,000 over a year-long burglary spree because he wanted to feed his 128 cats gourmet cat food.

The cat burglar allegedly broke into 32 houses, stealing jewels and money to feed his pets' $250 gourmet food addiction.

According to an officer, "He said he felt happiest when he rubbed his cheek against cats."

Forty-eight-year-old Mamoru Demizu kept one cat in his home, twenty in a warehouse, and the rest were apparently strays that he kept sitting pretty in an upscale, fresh-chicken-and-fish lifestyle.

Demizu lost his job in 2011, but that didn't keep him from collecting more cats. He would make his rounds nightly between midnight and four am, delivering the goods with his car.

[image via Shutterstock]