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This is a segment from a Japanese erotic variety show hosted by actor/comedian Yoshimi Tokui, challenging male contestants to make it through a karaoke while being manually stimulated by beautiful, professional women. Meanwhile, the hosts are in the studio laughing at them, and onscreen captions indicate when they’ve “finished.”

The most awkward part in a contest that is nothing but awkward parts has to be the camera panning down to the sad little puddles of cum on the floor after each finish. The semen is pixelated to make it safe for TV, because we wouldn’t want to risk offending any viewers of the handjob karaoke show.

1 million yen—roughly $10,000—was on offer for any contestant who could score 90 points. Not surprisingly, the money didn’t get paid out: The winner finished with 74.

I guess you could call that an unhappy ending.

Update: You might enjoy this helpful comment thread about how Japanese game shows work.

[h/t Dangerous Minds via reddit]